Wing Commander Arena and Super Contra on Xbox Live Arcade

Two pretty cool Xbox Live Arcade releases this week.

Wing Commandder Arena

Official Description

Wing Commander™ is back with an all-new game, Wing Commander™ Arena, for Xbox LIVE® Arcade. Create a squad and take on your opponents. Use your gravity bombs or fire torpedoes as you try to climb the leaderboard, destroying enemy armadas along the way. Featuring four modes of gameplay, nine maps, and the first 16-player action on Xbox LIVE Arcade, Wing Commander™ Arena is the perfect mix of classic arcade fun and modern multiplayer chaos.

  • Sixteen players: Wing Commander Arena offers the largest multiplayer melee experience on Xbox LIVE Arcade, with up to 16-player space combat action.
  • Multiple gameplay modes: Four modes of gameplay, including single player, multi-team, multiplayer battle, and duels one-on-one and multiplayer.
  • Ships, maps, and more: Eighteen ships are provided including bombers, light and medium fighters. Team maps, free-for-all maps, and dueling maps provide a multitude of environments for your intense battles.
  • Classic experience: The classic Wing Commander gameplay is brought to Xbox LIVE Arcade, offering everything a pilot rookie or hardened space combat veteran could want.

Wing Commander Arena is 800 Microsoft Points.

Official Page

Super Contra

Official Description

The fight for freedom continues in Super Contra! The alien menace, Red Falcon, has fought back and it’s up to Lance and Bill to stop them. Play multiplayer over Xbox LIVE® with upgraded graphics and sound. Do you have what it takes to save the world again?

  • Gameplay: Enjoy the authentic original gameplay of the arcade classic. Super Contra features two player co-op gameplay, just like the original.
  • Multiplayer: Play co-op on the same console or on Xbox LIVE. Communicate with your buddy by voice using the Xbox 360 headset.
  • Leaderboards: Xbox LIVE Leaderboard statistics are kept for Arcade (single player—high score, all time and weekly) and Xbox LIVE co-op (high score—all time and weekly).
  • Achievements: Score 12 achievements worth 200 gamer points with a range of simple, challenging, and hard achievements.

Super Contra is 400 Microsoft Points.

Official Page



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